Why Lake Bottom Blanket for your aquatic weed control problems?

Aquatic weed control is more than just killing the weeds everywhere in your lake, there needs to be a balance for the body of water to be healthy. A healthy lake has many things going for it: Clean clear water and appropriate aquatic plant life, waterfowl, and fish. A lake or pond that has turbid water, that smells, has fish kills and masses of aquatic weeds and algae forming mats on the surface is in need of help; a significant management program is indicated; one in which our aquatic weed control products can play a critical role.

Take Control of bothersome aquatic weeds today with our lake weed killer products. The Lake Bottom Blanket is a chemical free, affordable solution to the lake/pond weeds that are having detrimental effects on water quality and the recreational use of Lakes and Ponds. The Lake Bottom Blanket can help every lake front property owner rid their waterfront of unsightly lake and pond weeds. It's design has advantages over the other sunlight blockers currently on the market, and it is by far the least costly and easiest to use.

The Lake Bottom Blanket was the first aquatic weed control product of its kind; it is patented and used in over 400 lakes in over 29 states. Our weed control products have been used in countries as close as Canada and as far away as Bahrain. The Lake Bottom Blanket has been approved for use for aquatic weed control by the DNR and DEP of NY, CT, MA, WA and many other states. (most states don't regulate this type of lake weed control since it is neither chemical nor intended to be deployed permanently.)

If you have any questions or your just looking for more information on how to control your aquatic weed problem please feel free to contact us. This website is a wealth of information which can help you sort through what makes sense in the world of invasive aquatic species and the ways they can be controlled. Remember as stewards of our waterways we have an obligation to do what is right to make sure they out live us, so they can provide our future with clean beautiful water.

non chemical weed control

Non Chemical Aquatic weed control

The Lake Bottom Blanket is a "Green" solution to the aquatic weed problem that effects 85% of all fresh water bodies around the world. This tool is 100% effective in the control of subsurface aquatic weeds. It is one of the only Non-Chemical lake weed control solutions.

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non chemical weed control

Low Cost Aquatic weed control

The total initial cost for the Lake Bottom Blanket, including its locally purchased rebar and shipping, is about 70 cents per square foot for the 40 footer. If one moves the Lake Bottom Blanket four times in the season ( the recommended procedure) the first year cost is about 14 cents per square foot; as the years go by the cost approaches zero.

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non chemical weed control

Easy Install Aquatic weed control

Using the handles and lines supplied, one person can install a Lake Bottom Blanket in as little as 15 minutes without even going into the water if a boats available.

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non chemical weed control

100% Effective Aquatic weed control

100% Guarantee weed control - We spent considerable time and expense to invent and patent the Lake Bottom Blanket and the feedback from our customers has been very positive. We know it does the job, so guaranteeing the effectiveness of the Lake Bottom Blanket is a no brainer!

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How to kill lake weeds with Lake Bottom Blanket

how it works

Select the area where you want to get rid of aquatic weeds. Usually around docks and swimming areas.

how lbb works
weed blanket kills weed

Place the Lake Bottom Blanket over the weeds. For our easy install instructions view our instructional video.

killing weeds with lbb
lake bottom blanket

After 1 month, the blanket will have killed the weeds attempting to grow underneath. Remove the Lake Bottom Blanket and store until next season, or move to another area.

Our Lake Weed Control Products

lake weed blanket

Lake Bottom Blanket

$139.95 - 329.95

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Weighted Lake Bottom Blanket


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“We deployed the first set of 10 in June and then moved them in August to a different infestation where we added 20 new ones… We found them to be very durable, easy to deploy and not too bad to remove. We are looking to buy potentially 30-50 more this year.”

John, Manchester, July 24, 2012, Water Works, NH

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