The prevailing thought is that the late spring might reduce the amount of lake weeds or even stunt the growth of algae in our lakes and ponds. Well, that is just not the case. I have talked with several customers that believe the issues have actually gotten worse. How can that be? “Ice on the water is sure to reduce the sunlight to the bottom, so lake weeds will not grow”. But you’re not understanding the ecology of the lake. One thought is that the lake bottom, water column, and run off is still full of nutrients, and these nutrients are looking to feed something. If the lake weeds in your lake are slow to grow due to lack of sunlight then you’re left with the production of algae. Algae doesn’t need as much light to grow. The shallow area are first to see increased algae production, and as the water itself becomes more opaque you begin to naturally retard lake weed growth. This cycle causes Algal Blooms..


I have also run into lakes that have already applied chemicals in Early May to be proactive in their lake weed control methods. Causing the same issue, “Green Water”. It is simple people, YOU need Plant life in your lakes and ponds! You need something to absorb the excess nutrients that is available in the water column. Whole lake weed control methods are causing issues that can turn green water into toxic blue green algae that really screws up the summer. We can’t change all the problems that we have developed over the last 50 years, but we can start the process. Watershed management has to be rethought. Buffers need to be re established, and hard surfaces need to be directed into buffer wetlands. The human aspect of what a lake is for can still be viable but we need to be better stewards of these areas. If lake weed control is necessary then do it in a way that it effect the minimum possible size. Invasive species need to be eradicated and native plants reestablished. The use of a Lake Bottom Blanket in areas that you are using can give you exactly what you need, open water to get your boat in or take a swim…It doesn’t kill all the weeds just the ones you are targeting….100% guaranteed.