30 Mins To Install And Then It’s Playtime

Installation | Lake Bottom Blanket® | Lake Bottom Blanket 3DockJumper 1Instant lake weed control – a simple easy system that anyone can do. Purchasing our Patented Lake Bottom Blanket®, which includes a detailed installation DVD, will help you to take back your waterfront in no time. Look into our lake weed control products today and no longer deal with the annoyance that these lake weeds cause! The Lake Bottom Blanket® is made in America and is available in multiple sizes for varied applications. See Products Section for more info.

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Lake Bottom Blanket® Installation Step By Step Instructions:

The Lake Bottom Blanket® may be installed in water with weeds at any time in the growing season, but it’s easier and better when installed before the weeds are above the water’s surface. The Blankets are 10 feet 9 inches wide by whatever length the customer requires – normally 40 feet. The Blankets are shipped folded without the rebar. The role of the supplied float is (A) to keep away power boats that might disturb the Blanket and (B) to locate the outboard handle for LBB take up or moving.

  1. The first order of business is to acquire the 10-foot lengths of 3/8″ rebar. (While 1/2″ rebar may be more easily obtained it doubles the cost and the weight and is not necessary under normal conditions.)
  2. Remove the vinyl endcaps from the Blanket’s package and put them on to the rebar ends.
  3. Unfold the blanket to its full width; you will see clips holding the plastic layers together; you will also see the ends of the tubes all aligned side by side. One end of the tubes are sewn closed; find the open ends of the tubes and insert the rebar into the tubes. You will find a cable tie on the open end of each tube. After the bar is fully inserted, lock it in by tightening the cable tie over the material; then cut off the free end of the cable tie.
  4. Lay the assembled pleated ribs on the stern of a boat with the plastic overboard. Attach the two handling lines to the Blanket’s handles. The line for the shore end (indicated by the red twist-tie) can be attached as a loop so that it can be easily detached after the Blanket is deployed if you desire. Remove the clips.
  5. The shoreline, attached to the outboard rib, is either attached to the shore or held by a person on shore.
  6. The offshore line can be attached to the boat or held by the oarsman.
  7. Release the outer most rib into the water on the shore end of the planned installation. (The water depth at least 3 feet – the depth can be less if there is an assurance of no activity in the area of the Blanket.) Move the boat away from the shore. The Blanket will play out. It will likely take a few minutes for the entire Blanket to settle below the water’s surface.
  8. When the last rib is overboard, using the line attached to the rope handle pull the Blanket reasonably tight before releasing the last rib to the substrate.
  9. Attach the caution float to the line, positioning it so that it stays in close proximity to the Blanket.
  10. When the Blanket has settled, pull in on the shoreline again stretching the Blanket reasonably tight.
  11. The shoreline may be disconnected or tied to support on shore. Tying the rope to the shore is particularly important where aggressive wave action is a possibility.

Note 1: In deep waterway-from-shore installation is best accomplished using two boats with two people on at least one of the boats.

Note 2: The intention is that the Blanket is deployed perpendicular to the shore – not parallel, as wave action will dislodge it and anyone walking into the water may be tripped by it.

After one month’s time, The Lake Bottom Blanket® can be removed or moved to a new weed-stricken area. For example, you can install The Lake Bottom Blanket® the end of May and pull it out the end of June, and have little to no weeds in that area for the rest of the summer… The Lake Bottom Blanket® is shipped economically in a box without the weights installed. Use 3/8″ rebar as weights for The Lake Bottom Blanket®. 3/8″ rebar is available at your local building supply store and most suppliers will cut it to length for you. 3/8″ rubber end caps are supplied to cover the rebar ends to prevent damage or injury from possible sharp edges of the rebar. Please note: Home improvement mega-stores typically carry ½” rebar; buying this doubles the cost and weight! This benthic barrier should be removed annually and with minimal care, it should be re-usable for many years.

Rebar Recommendations for each blanket size:

  • RebarPurchase locally – 3/8″ rebar cut in 10 foot lengths
  • LBB20 (10′ x 20′) – Needs 5 pieces of 3/8″ rebar
  • LBB25 (10′ x 25′) – Needs 6 pieces of 3/8″ rebar
  • LBB30 (10′ x 30′) – Needs 7 pieces of 3/8″ rebar
  • LBB35 (10′ x 35′) – Needs 8 pieces of 3/8″ rebar
  • LBB40 (10′ x 40′) – Needs 9 pieces of 3/8″ rebar
  • LBB45 (10′ x 45′) – Needs 10 pieces of 3/8″ rebar
  • LBB50 (10′ x 50′) – Needs 11 pieces of 3/8″ rebar

3/8″ rebar can be purchased at any masonry or building supply store all over the country. Lowes Home Improvement stores also carry pre-cut lengths of 3/8″ rebar but they are a little more expensive, but convenient.

Click here “Find Rebar” to find a Lowe’s Home Improvement near you.

If your installation calls for more weighting, our weight tubes can accommodate 1/2″ rebar (but it does double the weight of the blanket).