Clumps of underwater grass, growing up to 3 feet

  • English Name: Eel Grass
  • Latin Name: Vallisneria Americana
  • Propagate: rhizomes, Seeds
  • Symptoms: Underwater grass meadows, growing up to 3 feet
  • Dangers: Good for fish population,bad for fishing and recreation

The Vibrant World of Eel Grass

Eel Grass is probably the most environmentally useful water plant that grows to weed-like proportion. It forms extensive underwater meadows that support entire eco-systems of aquatic bacteria, marine worms, snails, limpets, crab, fish and water fowl. Some of the animals use Eel Grass a nursery, others burrow in the grass and sediments, while others swim or walk among the leaves. It is a thriving community down there.

Eel Grass makes it all happen by being as adaptive as normal grass. It grows to maturity within a year, growing profusely in spring and summer and decaying away in the fall and winter. And it leaves behind sturdy roots and a storm of seeds to begin the circle again in spring.

This water grass uses rhizomes to propagate – it forms juicy roots that grow horizontally and releases shoots of new plants at intervals as it goes. At the same time, it flowers and grows seeds entirely underwater, another feat that is uncommon, even among real water weeds.

How To Control Eel Grass

Most times, Eel Grass is not a nuisance, especially when growing in the wild. Most of US States, notably Washington, in fact go out of their way to encourage the spread of this grass of the aquatic prairies. The multi-billion fishing industry is also generally partial to the grass.

But grass is grass, even the Eel type, and it can get excessive particularly on streams, dams, lakes and ponds. When that happens, it can get in the way of fishing and recreation and even totally overwhelm the water body.

The usual method of destroying unwanted Eel Grass is to dredge it out. Some herbicides could also do the job, although they would also affect the complex eco-system.

But perhaps the most environmentally yet very effective Eel Grass control measure is the use of the Lake Bottom Blanket. This is our patented weed control product that is unlike anything else in the market.

The Bottom Lake Blanket is cut from specially formulated polyethylene – 10 3/4 feet wide sheets with no limit on length – that destroys weeds by blocking away sunlight. It is made of material that is lighter than water, but has designed lateral weighting to allow it to settle down underwater. Only a small percentage of the blanket comes in contact with the lake floor, the rest of the material is free to float just above the Eel Grass so as to ensure the “water-people” who live in the grass can move about below and above the blanket freely.

The blanket is additionally useful because it affects only the grass it covers, meaning it can be used to reduce the size rather than entirely destroy an Eel Grass meadow. The Lake Bottom Blanket is currently used in over 400 lakes in over 29 states, Canada, Australia and world-wide.

In shallow water the LBB has trouble killing Eel Grass however keeping the material in all season can make the area useable. Also, the LBB will need extra time in the water at greater depths. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us any time. Contact us