How to use the Deskuzzer Videos

The DeSkuzzer is a tool that can help many waterfront property owners clear debris off the surface of their pond or lake. Floating aquatic weeds like Duckweed and Bladderwort can easily be picked up using The DeSkuzzer and disposed of. Some algae’s like filamentous algae can be scooped up and removed after it has detached from the lake bottom and has floated to the surface (seen below). This tool can be used in conjunction with weed control efforts that consist of mechanical harvesting and hand cutting. Harvesting some weeds can cause more issues, if the fragments are not picked up they can spread all over the lake. Many weeds propagate through fragmentation, so if these fragments are not picked up they will float to the un-populated areas and begin to grow.

Remove Floating Debris and Weeds with the DeSkuzzer Video

Lake front property owners are often left with no way to handle the issues that plague there waterfront. This product is not just for Duckweed control – For instance, and this happened to me

We live on a cove of a lake in northern NJ and we planned a party for my Daughter’s birthday on a Saturday in August. Swimming and having a good time in the lake was part of what she wanted to do, so we planned all these water activities. The Friday before the party was beautiful until about 4pm when the weather turned and the wind and rain began to fall. Thunderstorms moved through the area all night. By morning, the sun was out and the lake looked like a battle field. All sorts of debris ended up in front of our dock and swimming area. Mostly weed fragments and small branches (some garbage too). I was able to clean it all up with the use of the DeSkuzzer. The party went off without a hitch.