What Makes The Deskuzzer The Best Solution To Pond Scum

The DeSkuzzer 3.0 is the ultimate solution for keeping your lake or pond beautiful and debris-free. This American-made pond skimmer easily removes floating algae, duckweed, filamentous algae and any other unwanted surface layer, leaving your water sparkling clean in just 15 minutes!

What are the facts about floating pond weeds and the scum that accumulates in front of your prime waterfront?

Floating Lake Weeds are actually seed-bearing plants that float freely on the water’s surface, never becoming rooted in the soil. They are propagated by sexual and asexual means.

Floating types of Algae are in the plant kingdom, but technically they are not plants. A diverse group of organisms, algae survive in even the harshest habitats. From the dry desert, to the Arctic Circle, to boiling springs, these organisms have found a way to extract enough from their environment to live. Algae range in size from microscopic to meters long and from single-celled to complex organisms that rival large plants. These organisms may look like true plants, but unlike plants, algae do not have roots or true stems and leaves.

In water, algae are what make the water green. Green water is not necessarily undesirable, and neither are algae. In fact, algae are essential to the ecosystem and to life as we know it. Algae are a primary component of the food web, providing food for all types of animals, including fish, insects, mollusks, zooplankton (microscopic animals), and humans.

There are microscopic algae, like phytoplankton; and there are macroalgae, visible to the naked eye. Algae occur naturally in all types of systems and can indicate the condition of an ecosystem. The mere presence of a species can indicate the amount and type of nutrients present.

Can’t I use a floating rake to gather the weeds I cut and whatever else is floating on the surface?

Thinking a floating rake is the answer to your lake or pond’s surface debris woes? Think again! While they might seem like a quick fix, floating rakes often create more problems than they solve. Here are the problems with floating rakes:

  • Those narrow heads on floating rakes only skim a small section of the surface at a time. This means multiple passes and a lot of missed debris. Imagine spending hours raking, only to see weeds and algae bobbing merrily back towards your dock!
  • Traditional rakes tend to push debris around rather than collect it. This frustration becomes even worse when tackling chopped weeds. Those tiny fragments disperse freely with each rake stroke, spreading the problem further across your precious pond.
  • Submerged weeds and muck at the bottom? Forget about it! Floating rakes can’t reach the hidden layers where debris accumulates and decomposes, further polluting your water. This unseen mess not only fosters algae growth, but also creates an unpleasant odor.
  • The lack of a collection net on floating rakes is a recipe for frustration. You spend time gathering debris, only to have half of it slip back into the water as you attempt to lift the rake.
  • When cutting weeds, the fragments escape and propagate other areas of your lake or pond, thereby making the weed problem worse in the long run.

Here’s what makes the DeSkuzzer 3.0 so great:

  • Effortless Cleaning: The 5-foot-wide design with improved side flotation effortlessly collects debris as you skim the surface.  The DeSkuzzer floats both above and below the water line so no debris is missed! The 2-foot-deep net collects a lot of debris, and pulling the DeSkuzzer up on shore makes it very easy to empty in one place.  No getting into the water!
  • Ultra-Tough & Easy to Use: Made with high-quality materials for long life, the DeSkuzzer 3.0 is easier to assemble than ever before and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Works with or without a boat: Perfect for any waterfront property owner, the DeSkuzzer 3.0 can be used from the shore or your boat.
  • Fast Results: Clear an impressive 400 square feet of surface area in just 15 minutes, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your waterfront!
  • Limited Time Offer: Get yours today before they sell out! The DeSkuzzer 3.0 ships fast with everything you need to get started (minor assembly required).

Don’t let pond scum ruin your summer fun! Get the DeSkuzzer 3.0 today and take back your waterfront!