CT lakes have weed issues, like most states in the northeast, but they also have a DEP that is willing to help the property owners. Our lakes are more than just recreational area in the summer, they are habitats for animals and a source of water for many communities. The cost to own a home near a lake is much greater than homes that are not associated with a lake. So, property values are tied to the lakes and if a lake is not well maintained, IE. not usable for recreation, then the values drop. This makes homeowners very upset…so they contact a company that sells the “Pill to fix” your problems. Aquatic weed control and water quality are a difficult balance, on one hand you want uninhibited use of the water, but in the other hand you also want crystal clear water. Why can’t you have both? You can if you’re willing to change how you think about your lake.


Because a customer had been using our chemical alternatives to lake weed control aka the Lake Bottom Blankets for a few years and he wanted us to discuss the product with the board of the lake. It seemed to go very well, because they continue to recommend the aquatic weed control product to all their members. We even give them free shipping when they mention the meeting. The facts remain that they as a community are very aware of the lake weed problems lakes are facing, and they are trying to do something about it, “Without Chemicals”. There are many states that are taking another look at going back to the basics. Connecticut seems to be a leader, and its due to the people who are doing responsible watershed management and aquatic weed control that are driving it.