I have seen several articles that discuss the issues that Maine is facing with this exotic weed Milfoil . It seems they have woken up to the fact that this problem is getting worse. They are worried about the Variable leaf variety that has been found in over 27 lake in Maine. What’s even worse is the fact that Eurasian milfoil has infiltrated some lake systems too, and that’s a real tough weed to control. Both these weeds are able to reproduce by fragmentation, so motor boats and any harvesting can have an adverse effect on the entire water body.


Maine like most states generate a lot of income from the recreation that happens on their gorgeous lakes. An infestation of invasive weeds will make for some very unhappy vacationers. The economy of Maine could be in jeopardy if the increasing problem with Lake Weeds is not resolved, considering the visitors to these recreation areas spend upwards of 3.5 Billion annually creating 50,000 jobs. It’s like having a Great White shark swimming off the Beach in Amityville Long Island but without the blood and guts. The loss of income can be just as bad, especially in this economy. What can we do to effectively kill a prolific aquatic weed like Eurasian milfoil without dramatically affecting the water body? This is the 3.5 billion dollar question, because if you attempt to kill this weed using chemicals you can create a whole new problem. Algae blooms, which if you haven’t heard are much worse than the weed you are trying to get rid of. So what can you do, as the home owner? Try a Lake Bottom Blanket, and take care of your waterfront. It is a more holistic way to treat an area, because you are only providing weed control in an area that you are going to use. This allows for aquatic plant life to be available for absorbing nutrients coming into the lake system.