Is it too late in the season to install your LBB “weed blankets”? This is a question I get all the time. The Beauty of our “Weed Blankets” is that they can be installed anytime of year. For instance, I have a customer that install there LBB’s the first week in August when they go to their lake home. I have another that uses them at a lake rental home 3 separate weekends, they install 2 blankets Friday and pull them out on Sunday each weekend they go. Instant swimming area for the kids.


The Lake Bottom Blanket is personal lake weed control that anyone can do. If applied late in the season it provides a instant swimming area, or if you install early in the season you can move it multiple time to give you a much great area to use. This type of lake weed control is designed for use by regular people. It is very easy to use and can change the way you look at your waterfront. I know, I get it, most people really don’t want to maintain their waterfront themselves. Some believe there is nothing that they can do, but that is 100% wrong. It starts here, and with about 1 hours work you can enjoy your waterfront for the rest of the season.