Kills 100% of the weeds it targets, and it doesn’t harm the lake environment.

Giving you a weed-free waterfront as soon as it’s installed. Instant gratification! Long term effectiveness! Standard size is 10′ x 40′.

Note: This product is known to be handmade and manufactured to acceptable tolerances, fluctuations in its manufacturing are noted and expected from product to product.

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Extra Location Buoy

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(1) 4" x 10" marine bullet nose buoy (Orange) and 12' rope - If you want an extra buoy besides the one that comes with the blanket, or just extra for your area, this is what you want. Made of water-grade sealed expanding polyurethane and the mast is weighted PVC. It's made in the USA and is perfect for locating the Lake Bottom Blanket out on the water. Life span for buoys like this are 3-5 years depending on usage.

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