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DeSkuzzer 3.0

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Tired of Scum Ruining Your Waterfront? Introducing the DeSkuzzer 3.0!

The DeSkuzzer 3.0 is the ultimate solution for keeping your lake or pond beautiful and debris-free. This American-made pond skimmer easily removes floating algae, duckweed, filamentous algae and any other unwanted surface layer, leaving your water sparkling clean in just 15 minutes!

Here's what makes the DeSkuzzer 3.0 so great:

  • Effortless Cleaning: The 5-foot wide design with improved side flotation effortlessly collects debris as you skim the surface.
  • Ultra-Tough & Easy to Use: Made with high-quality materials for long life, the DeSkuzzer 3.0 is easier to assemble than ever before and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Works with or without a boat: Perfect for any waterfront property owner, the DeSkuzzer 3.0 can be used from the shore or your boat.
  • Fast Results: Clear an impressive 400 square feet of surface area in just 15 minutes, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your waterfront!
  • Limited Time Offer: Get yours today before they sell out! The DeSkuzzer 3.0 ships fast with everything you need to get started (minor assembly required).

Don't let pond scum ruin your summer fun! Get the DeSkuzzer 3.0 today and take back your waterfront!

The Newly designed DeSkuzzer 3.0 (patent pending) is a replacement for the DeSkuzzer 2017 (Patent # 7603836B2) and is for the collection of the aquatic debris floating or growing on the surface of our bodies of water. The debris (Skuzz) interferes with the beauty and enjoyment of our waterfronts. The New design is made to be used by one person with or without a boat. Its advantage over most skimming tools is its vertical floats which keep the top bar high out of the water to allow surface debris to easily enter the collection screening. This improved the collection of floating surface plants like duckweed and filamentous algae. In most cases the DeSkuzzer can remove 400 square feet of surface debris in about 15 minutes.

The DeSkuzzer is a 4.5 foot wide floating seine that collects surface debris as it is dragged along the surface of the water. It is designed to collect most floating algae, weeds and whatever else is floating on the surface of your lake or pond. When the collection netting is full the DeSkuzzer should be emptied on the shore and then redeployed until all the surface debris is gone. The DeSkuzzer ships complete with only a little bit of assembly –

  • Ultra tough screen material for the collection netting
  • 24 foot long pull line to permit longer throws
  • Long lasting, high quality Vertical floats, for a longer life span
  • Finished screen edges to help retain the Skuzz
  • Improved duckweed and watermeal pick up - ( Not 100% effective on watermeal but will pick up some, especially if mixed with duckweed)

If you would like a 5' Extension Pole to hold the DeSkuzzer when deployed in front of a boat or onshore, you can purchase one like Boat Hook & Extension Pole:

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Kills 100% of the weeds it targets, and it doesn’t harm the lake environment. Giving you a weed-free waterfront as soon as it’s installed. Instant gratification! Long term effectiveness! The standard size is 10′ x 40′.

Note: This product is known to be handmade and manufactured to acceptable tolerances; fluctuations in its manufacturing are noted and expected from product to product.