Kills 100% of the weeds it targets, and it doesn’t harm the lake environment.

Giving you a weed-free waterfront as soon as it’s installed. Instant gratification! Long term effectiveness! Standard size is 10′ x 40′.

Note: This product is known to be handmade and manufactured to acceptable tolerances, fluctuations in its manufacturing are noted and expected from product to product.

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These LBBs have minor cosmetic flaws. They work exactly the same as A quality! This is sold "as is" with no warranty.

***This LBB has a little bit of delamination caused during manufacturing of the fabric. The delamination is vertical down the side of the LBB, which is a non-weight bearing issue. We thoroughly tested it and there are no strength problems at all. ***

LBB30 actual size is 10' 9" wide by 40' covering an area of 323 sqft

Weighting: 7 pieces of 3/8" rebar 10' long (Purchased locally)

What comes in the box:

  • The Lake Bottom Blanket, which is constructed from several layers of top quality polyethylene.
  • Instructional DVD, Caution buoy, Rebar end caps and all ropes necessary for installation

Kill 100% of the weeds it targets, and it doesn’t harm the lake environment. Giving you a weed free waterfront as soon as its installed. Instant gratification… and long term effectiveness… Guaranteed…

Pre-Purchase Check list:

  • Determine the area you want covered ( min 2 feet of depth )
  • Buy the Blanket sizes that accommodate what your project needs.
  • Purchase the correct amount of rebar for the weighting system. (locally)
  • Contact your local DNR or Lake association to determine if a permit is needed. This is considered a seasonal weed control barrier, not a permanent structure. In most areas not regulated, but it doesn't hurt to get the information.

All you need to do is measure the area that you want weed free. For instance, you have a 25 foot dock and you want to swim off one side and have your boat on the other. Maybe a swim platform that is in deep water but you need to wade through weeds to get there. We have sizes that will accommodate any situation. Once you have decided on the size, decide if you want to do the job all at once or over the coarse of the summer by moving one blanket as needed. The Next step after purchasing what you want is to buy the rebar weights for the blankets. That has become even easier, Lowes Home improvement now carries 3/8″ rebar in 10 foot lengths in almost all its stores. (They are a little more expensive but convenient). Lowe’s Store locator Link

All building or masonry supply stores will have 3/8″ rebar and at much better price.

All LBB’s use the White / Black material so that you have a choice. If you want to see the Blanket in the water, place the white side up. If you don’t want to see the Blanket in the water, place the Black side up. SIMPLE

  • Designed with integral transverse tubes that are optimal for 3/8″ rebar** sections. Weight tubes are positioned so they direct the gases from plant decomposition to release ports in the plastic.
  • It is recommended that the 3/8″ rebar be purchased at the local building supply store. 1/2″ rebar is twice the weight and unless you are installing in shallow water with a lot of boat activity is not recommended. (ask for 1/2″ rebar end caps, if needed)
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