Many states have regulations on weed control products, but they are frequently unable to enforce them.  We have customers in every state.

The PA Fish and Boat Commission recommendation for Pond Aquatic Weed Control: Penn State has an excellent site that is a collaborative effort between Penn State Cooperative Extension and the Commission:

PSU Cooperative Extension listed the rules for benthic barriers:

Permit Requirements:

    • No permits required – Pins or rebar should be used to fasten to the substrate
    • Permits may be required if using stone (Edit by Lake Bottom Blanket – use sandbags if you need additional weight, no permit required if you remove them when you remove the blanket)
      • If you need to bring stone in, by hand is best.  Using machines and stone…absolutely, no question would require a permit.  If you are able to get permits, go for it…talk to DEP…but it’s likely a Joint Permit (Small Project Application), and will cost a few thousand to prepare and also a couple thousand in application fees.  There are no general permits that would cover this activity.  

Be sure to ask your local DNR, US Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Fish and Wildlife, town, etc. for any permit information.