Many states have regulations on weed control products.  However, they are frequently unable to enforce them.  We have customers in every state.  

Section 1

Exemption (Env-Wt 510.03) as of 12/11/19

No permit is required for hand removal of exotic aquatic weed or the installation and maintenance of benthic barriers on the bottom of a surface water to control the growth of exotic aquatic weed, as authorized by RSA 487:17, provided:

(a)    The work is conducted by divers who have received training in exotic aquatic weed control diving from a diving instructor that is registered and confirmed with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES)’ Limnologist, Exotic Species Program Coordinator; Amy P. Smagula (Phone: (603) 271-2248;;

(b)    The project is conducted in accordance with a long-term management plan designed pursuant to Env-Wq 1305.03;  (see Long-Term Variable Milfoil Management and Control Plans by waterbody below)

(c)     The project is not located in a priority resource area;

(d)    In flowing waters, harvesting will be initiated only at the most upstream location of the infestation, where practicable; and

(e)    The project does not qualify as a major project under Env-Wt 400.

If your project meets this exemption, a wetlands permit is not required.

Here are the “Long-Term Variable Milfoil Management and Control Plans” by waterbody: (discusses benthic barriers)

If you find out what permitting guidelines you have, please do us a favor and let us know at