Many states have regulations on weed control products, but they are frequently unable to enforce them.  We have customers in every state.

Per the AIS Early Detection & Monitoring Coordinator, Fisheries Division, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks: “Depending on where they get placed, there could be a couple of permits likely needed.  The 318 permit for temporary tolerance exemption of turbidity from Department of Environmental Quality would be needed. If they were being placed in a stream bed the 124 permit for the Stream Protection Act would be needed as well.”

The 318 Permit information can be found here (click on the 318 tab) 

The 124 permit information for the Stream Protection Act can be found here (click “Show” on B to see)

Be sure to ask your local DNR, US Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Fish and Wildlife, town, etc. for any permit information.

If you find out what permitting guidelines you have, please do us a favor and let us know at