Many states have regulations on weed control products, but they are frequently unable to enforce them.  We have customers in every state.

Minnesota has the most stringent permitting provisions in the nation!  Since this type of weed control is prohibited, if you still purchase an LBB – you are buying at your own risk and no refunds will be issued

Under Minnesota law, aquatic plants growing in public waters are the property of the state. Because of their value to the lake ecosystem, they may not be destroyed or transplanted unless authorized by the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources as stipulated in the Aquatic Plant Management Rules. A “public water” is generally any body of water 2.5 acres or larger within an incorporated city limit, or 10 acres or larger in rural areas. If you are unsure whether a particular lake is public, please contact your local Aquatic Plant Management Permitting Staff.

Generally, the use of Lake Bottom Blankets, aka benthic barriers, is prohibited in your area if your waterbody falls within the above parameters.  If you have a dock, click the below page to view your options.

To see what activities are and are not allowed, see

If you find out what permitting guidelines you have, please do us a favor and let us know at