Many states have regulations on weed control products, but they are frequently unable to enforce them.  We have customers in every state.

Aquatic Vegetation Control Laws and Permits Info:

For most people the rule is: A landowner or tenant adjacent to public waters or boundary waters of the state, who chemically, mechanically, or physically controls aquatic vegetation in the immediate vicinity of a boat landing or bathing beach on or adjacent to the real property of the landowner or tenant if the following conditions exist:

The area where vegetation is to be controlled does not exceed:

(i) twenty-five (25) feet along the legally established, average, or normal shoreline;

(ii) a water depth of six (6) feet; and

(iii) a total surface area of six hundred twenty-five (625) square feet.


If your total area is greater than what is listed above, you will need a permit.



Be sure to ask your local DNR, US Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Fish and Wildlife, town, etc. for any permit information.