Deskuzzer Lake Skimmer Removes Floating Lake Weeds

The Deskuzzer has been designed (Patent # 7603836B2) for the collection of the aquatic debris floating or growing on the surface of our bodies of water; the debris (Skuzz) that interferes with the beauty and enjoyment of our water fronts. It is designed to be used by one person with or without a boat. In most cases the Deskuzzer can remove 400 square feet of surface debris in about 15 minutes.

How the Deskuzzer Picks up Floating Debris

The Deskuzzer is a 5 foot wide floating seine, that collects surface debris as it is dragged along the surface of the water. It is designed to collect most floating algae, weeds and whatever else is floating on the surface of your lake or pond. When the collection netting is full the Deskuzzer should be emptied on the shore and then redeployed until all the surface debris is gone. The Deskuzzer ships complete with everything one needs – except for the boat, if you choose to use one.

  • Ultra tough screen material for the collection netting.
  • An abrasion resistant guard on lower bar
  • 24 foot long pull line to permit longer throws
  • 5′ Alum. Pole to hold the Deskuzzer when deployed in front of a boat. (add $10.00)
  • Pleated screen edges to help retain the Skuzz.
  • WILL NOT PICK UP WATERMEAL. Please check back with us we are currently working on a solution for watermeal.