Illinois Pondweed Potamogeton illinoensis

Rooted weed with long, blade-like leaves, most of them underwater

  • English Name: Illinois Pondweed
  • Latin Name: Potamogeton illinoensis
  • Propogate: Rhizomes, seeds, tubers
  • Symptoms: Mass of weeds with long, blade-like leaves
  • Dangers: Clogs water, inhibits other aquatic plants

The Life of an Illinois Pondweed

The Illinois Pondweed is a not nearly as famous as some of its pondweed counterparts, particularly the American Pondweed and the Sago pondweed. But it is a quietly efficient weed that has cut itself a successful niche in weed world. It prefers alkaline water but still grows abundantly in slow moving rivers, shallow ponds and lakes. It is a perennial plant that completes a life cycle within a year but leaves its roots alive and well underground in readiness for growth in the next season. It handles winter well with the rhizomes typically thickened during that period as a nutrient storage bank for quick use by the next generation in spring.

The weed also hedges its reproduction bets with production of seeds. Unlike most other weeds, however, the weed does not rely much on broken stem fragments to propagate.

How to Control the Spread of Illinois Pondweed

Like all native weeds, the Illinois Pondweed has natural feeders, among them ducks. It also offers the normal advantages of a water weed such as providing shelter for aquatic animals.

Grass carps are also quite effective in keeping the Illinois Pondweed at bay. But in cases where the weed is a serious nuisance requiring more thorough destruction, few methods match the debilitating effectives of the Lake Bottom Blanket. This is our lead weed control product made of a 10 feet wide sheet of treated polyethylene that can be as long as ordered. The sheet is weighted down into the water by strategically set weights, pinning down the Illinois Pondweed to just of the lake bottom. The lighter than normal material keeps the sheet suspended within the water, which allows fish and other aquatic life to freely move below and above the sheet. If used correctly one 10 x 40 LBB can be moved 3 times and cover approximately 1200 sq/ft in one season.

The Lake Bottom Blanket has already been used in over 400 lakes in over 29 states, in all instances returning a 100% weed killing rate within a few weeks. The Blanket is approved for use by the DNRs and DEPs of California, Nevada, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington.

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