Gray Fanwort Cabomba caroliniana

Rooted, submerged plant with short, fragile stems and green or reddish-purple leaves

  • English Name: Gray Fanwort
  • Latin Name: Cabomba caroliniana
  • Propogate: Seeds, stem fragments
  • Symptoms: Mass of submerged plant with green or reddish-purple leaves
  • Dangers: Crowds out other aquatic plants, clogs water flow

The Quiet Strength of the Gray Fanwort Weed

Yet, behind the facade of fragility, the Gray Fanwort is an extremely persevering, competitive and quite successful weed. It forms dense foliage that crowds out other weeds and clogs the waterway, making the water impassable to boats. As a result, the weed is to be in fresh water lakes, ponds, water-filled ditches and slow-flowing streams across the US.

The Gray Fanwort is a perennial plant that grows through the seasons with no pause. It also has the advantage of having alternative means of spreading. It produces good seeds and, at the same time, spreads through broken fragments and underground roots.

Gray Fanwort Weed control methods

The common method of controlling the Gray Fanwort weed is through removal by such implements as normal rakes, cutters, hand harvesting and dredging. But due to the nature of this weed and the way it propagates you need to capture all the weed fragments generated by harvesting. This is why we designed the Deskuzzer. The Deskuzzer is an extra-strong seine that is 5 feet wide with a 24 foot pull line. It is dragged along the water surface to collect weeds and debris that are close to the water surface. The Deskuzzer is more effective of a tool than a normal rake because it leaves fewer weed fragments behind.

A variety of herbicides may be used to kills the weed, subject to necessary precautions not to affect the environment. But for a complete and environmentally safe eradication of the weed, the better option is to use Lake Bottom Blanket.

The blanket, as it is popularly known, is our leading weed control product that works by totally cutting off sunlight without interfering with the chemical balance and movement of fish or other aquatic life. It designed from specially formulated polyethylene sheets, black on one side and white on the other that is about 10 feet wide and as long as required. The blanket's material is lighter than water, with specially designed weighting which allows it to have very little area in contact with the lake bed. On average, any area covered by the blanket is totally free of weeds - down to the roots - within four weeks.

The Blanket is fully approved by the DNR's and DEP's of California, Nevada, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Washington and has already been successfully used in over 400 lakes in over 29 states.

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