Some kind words from just a few customers.

Lake Bottom blanket reviews

Lake Bottom Blanket Reviews - Some kind words from just a few customers...

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to spread whatever it is that your business is offering out to the public. Here at Lake Bottom Blanket, we offer a lake weed removal solution that is 100% effective at clearing targeted lake weeds. Our Lake Bottom Blanket is a type of benthic weed blanket barrier which prevents sunlight from getting to the nutrient rich lake bottom. Reading through our testimonials will allow you to see just how beneficial our products have been and how efficient they are. There is no better way to make sure that you want to choose us for all of your pond weed control then to check out all of the positive feedback we have received from our customers. If you have any additional questions after reading through these testimonials, contact us for our assistance! These are actual emails received from our customers NO BS here. The Lake Bottom Blanket is a chemical free, affordable solution to kill lake weeds and improve the water quality of lakes and ponds. The best Aquatic Weed Control on the market!

Lake Bottom Blanket Worked As Advertised

They were used between our dock and the trampoline and worked as advertised

Robert, 21-09-2013,  Manlius, NY

Worked - got rid of weeds - Video helps with install

Yes, the blanket got rid of the weeds! We are really looking forward to putting it down in the spring. It was also easy to clean - Your video really helped.

Lynn, K, 24-10-2008, Ontario Canada

Lake Bottom Blanket worked well for us

The Lake Bottom Blanket worked well for us. The blanket really took care of the weeds. We have had tall pond weeds and milfoil off our dock for years. Chemicals did little to knock it down. The blanket did the trick.

Dawn, 22-11-2013, Belleville, WI

created a beautiful weed-free channel

Our bay is thick with weeds, created a beautiful weed-free channel to get in and out. No more weed clogged water intakes! No Problems!! Also created a nice swimming area. Thanks - perfect solution for us!

Brian, 16-07-2008, Neenaha, WI

Installing is much easier than removing

The two 10' by 20'd worked. Installing is much easier than removing, but it can be done with some work. A newpaper reporter from the Spokesman Review wrote an article on the milfoil problem here at Newman Lake on June 26th mentioning the use of a LBB mat. I see no way to attach picture of the lake bottom after removal of the mat.

Kim J., 26-07-2013, Newman Lake, WA

Results were good...

Paul; While my weed problem is still minor I used you product to nip the problem in the bud. I installed late and the results were still good.

Richard, 14-10-2012, Northport, NY

Excellant Alternative

An excellent alternative to herbicide, 1 hour effort for two people.

Bob Sherman, 12-08-2012, Adirondack State Park, NY

Count me in as a satisfied Customer

I purchased a lake blanket from you last spring and installed it at the end of April. It has since been moved twice, ten feet sideways each time, once at the end of May, once at the end of June. I removed it today as we are going away for a while. I am very pleased with the results. The first area I covered, which has been uncovered for over six weeks now, looks as good as the day I moved the blanket. Count me in as a satisfied customer.

Mark L., 29-07-2012, Old Lyme, CT

Lake Bottom Blanket

We deployed the first set of 10 in June and then moved them in August to a different infestation where we added 20 new ones. We found them to be very durable, easy to deploy and not too bad to remove. We are looking to buy potentially 30-50 more this year.

John, 24-07-2012, Manchester Water Works, NH

Fighting seaweed for years

We've been fighting seaweed for quite some time in our lake and we found you after doing quite a bit of research online. We've raked, razored and used chemical treatments. We've also dropped sand. We looked at the Lake Mat also, but liked the simplicity and durability of your product better. We have a 40 foot section of "beach" right in front of our break-wall and after significant weeding this weekend, we are ready to install the lake bottom blanket in time for Father's Day! Our current plan is to have the blanket in place until August 1st, then move it and place more sand in the original spot. Hopefully we will get our beach back in a couple of seasons.

Al and Sue P. , 11-06-2012, Lake Pleasant Osseo, MI

Using it every Summer

I would be glad to discuss the lake bottom blanket. We are using it every summer and it has been doing a great job,

Paul D., 30-11-2010, Eau Claire, WI

Returning Customer

I am a returning customer who purchased 2 of your blankets about 4 years ago and recommended to my next door neighbor who purchased 5 of your blankets. we both hire professional divers to install and retrieve them. The divers found out about them from us and now recommend them to all their customers. Thus because of me, you all are well known on Candlewood Lake, Connecticuts largest lake.

Cliff R., 25-05-2010, Caddlewood Lake, CT

Better than I had Expected...

The Lake Bottom Blanket worked better than I had expected. The area that was covered remained weedless for all of the year, and even to this date, the aquatic weeds in that area remain mostly gone. We drain our 214 acre lake about 8 feet for some valued maintenance, but when the weather begins to warm up in 2012 I will use the blanket again.

Don H., 31-12-2011, Wagener, SC

23 Years of Yanking...

For 23 years we used to spend hours each summer yanking out lily pads and their long stems and roots, then row boat fulls of them away. Dismayed by the ever-increasing growth with its slimy rotting buds and leaves and then the black aphid - infestation on top of the pads in our lake swimming area. I looked on the internet for lily pad solutions, and came across your web site. Last year we installed a 10 x 40 LBB and it was so effective, we are now purchasing a second one! Thank you for saving us from the curse of the lily pads!

Rick & Debbie P., 26-04-2013, Snohomish, WA

Piece of Cake

The weed blankets stayed in place nicely and were not bothered by a bit of boat traffic. Removing them in the fall was a piece of cake also! I was very pleased with the fact that you had everything in the packages that was required. The instructions were very clear.

Jeff., 24-09-2012, Ottawa, Canada

Does a great Job

I am seeing excellent results on the Eurasian milfoil, celery and various small grassy weeds, I used it in 2 other areas: does a great job.

Bruce, 01-08-2010, MN

Blankets are Great

The blankets are great. The American Pond Weed was really taking over and the blankets seem to be doing the trick. Hated the idea of using poison, so glad to find this option.

Melodie M., 02-09-2011, Baltimore, OH

Did the Job..

We're taking the LBB's out this weekend for storage - it did it's job well in 2 applications this year..

Paul H., 06-10-2011, Lake Craine, NY

Buy a Few More Next year

Since 2006 we have purchased 6 - 40 foot blankets. They have all worked well. The oldest ones are beginning to loose pigmentation but that seems reasonable after several years of use. We have an awful milfoil problem and may need to buy a few more next year. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Bruce H., 05-12-2014, Sherman, CT

Worked Well

Paul, Your product performed very well for us, for a number of years. In 2014, we began a comprehensive, all (properties) inclusive weed abatement program, so we elected not to put them in to see how the program worked. The program was a success, so we probably won't use them going forward, unless conditions change. I would however recommend them for those who have a need. They were surprisingly durable, and worked as advertised.

Troy, Q., 06-12-2014, Kalamazoo, MI

Went in Beautifully

I just wanted to let you know that we laid our Lake Bottom Blanket last weekend and it went beautifully. One of us sat facing backward on the seadoo and laid it out. Took about 15 minutes at the most. We took a short video and I will send you some clips if I can.

Janice H., 26-05-2012, Hopewell Jct., NY

It Worked

The product worked well. I moved it four times and cleared out a nice swimming area. Thanks,

Don H. , 12-06-2012, Oconomowoc, WI