Benthic Barriers 100% Effective

Over the years many types of aquatic weed control have been developed. Weed Growth needs to be controlled because of many factors - The biggest one being "water use". Defining water use is tricky, each person has there own definition, like boating, swimming, fishing, and what about drinking water or cooling water for power plants. So we can agree that controlling aquatic plants that have become a nuisance is a good idea. How to go about it and why would you want to use a benthic barrier? The history of benthic barriers is long but unwritten, its been used for decades in some form or another to control lake weeds.

What is a Benthic Barrier?

A benthic barrier is a piece of material (film, sheet) that lays on the Benthos layer of a lake or pond to keep sunlight from getting to the nutrient rich soil on the lake bottom. The material is usually heavier than water which allows it to settle firmly on the lakes bottom. But in most cases additional weighting is needed to keep the material in place. Gases of decomposition forming under the material can be a problem.

Benefits (Pro's) of using a typical Benthic Barrier:

Barriers are highly effective when it comes to pin point accuracy. You can place Benthic barriers exactly where you want them and it will kill 100% of the weeds it covers. Benthic barriers are one of only a handful of way that a homeowner can control weeds in their backyard. They are Non- Chemical and Reusable if maintained they can last for years.

Con's of using typical benthic barriers:

Most benthic barriers on the market are far to heavy to install by one or even two people. They have a high cost per square foot in comparison to chemicals, so you won't be using 2 or 3 acres of benthic barriers to heal your lake. They can also affect the organisms that live in the benthos layer of your lake by depleting the oxygen in the water under the barrier.

Why is Lake Bottom Blanket Different?

Simple we designed the LBB to utilize all the good things a typical benthic barrier provides without most the Con's that give them a bad name.

  • Material is lighter than water, so it floats just off the benthos layer (no oxygen depletion)
  • A installation and removal system so there's no guess work
  • Reduced cost to own compared to others currently on the market (Comparison)
  • Installed in over 400 lakes all over the country
  • LBB is an easy system to make deploying the blanket simple.

Why Choose Benthic Barriers?

Here are all the options a homeowner has to control weeds at their waterfront:
  • Do nothing and watch his waterfront disappear
  • Hand pulling hard labor have to do continuously Raking or "throw in" cutting tools - works, hard labor because you have to keep doing it. $
  • Mechanical harvesting- high cost and can make weed problem worse. $$$
  • Dyes if your water turnover is too high will not work $
  • LBB Benthic Barriers - Easy to install, DIY, anyone can do it$
  • Hydro-dredging - Need a company to do it. expensive $$$
  • Chemicals - Herbicides that kill weeds and who knows what else. $$$
  • Dredging - Make lake deeper $$$$
  • Read the Weed Control Alternatives to get a better idea of how they work.

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