After selling over a thousand of our original pond skimmer’s, we decided to make some improvements. We spent four months in development and testing and created a more effective and durable lake weed tool that collects floating weeds and debris, affectionately named the Deskuzzer2.0.


Our original design used a horizontal float that would sit in the water, in use debris would need to flow under it to get into the collection netting. Some of the smaller floating weeds would be pushed by the float making it more difficult to collect in the netting. The new Deskuzzer2.0 uses vertical floats at its ends, this allows the device to ride above and below the water line for unfettered flow of debris directly into the collection netting.

The float material comes from the fishing industry improving its durability and longevity. Combined with the new float configuration and our durable netting the DeSkuzzer2.0 will give you a more effective tool in the fight to control floating weeds and debris on your lake and pond.

The New design involves a little bit of assembly – but once put together it’s used exactly like the old design. Use it from shore or by boat, just throw it in then pull all the Skuzz back to you for disposal.

It’s that easy. Learn more