Product Comparison Lakemat & Other Competitors

Someone once said "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"; while some people are infringing our patent regarding the transverse weighting, and the use of lighter-than-water plastic material c'est la vie; we are engineers not lawyers. A real compliment came when one competitor claimed there product is just like a Lake Bottom Blanket. We must be doing something really right! Here are a couple of examples you may recognize:

Competitor 1

$140 square foot
  • Assembly Required
  • Weighting is included
  • Frame design Border weighting, Copy of competitor number 2
  • Mesh material collects sediment and weeds can grow right thru it
  • Gas permeable but still needs gas release ports. (See instructions)
  • Needs to be staked down
  • (2) Small sizes - 12 x 24 feet 288sf Max size
  • Guaranteed: 5 years
  • Made in USA
  • Cost with shipping
    $359.00 + $45.00 = $404.00

Lake Bottom Blanket Best Value

$068 square foot
  • Assembly required
  • No weights included: rebar weighting system designed for local purchase to save money and to choose the appropriate weighting for your installation
  • Transverse weighting with Gas release ports (Patented #7,083,358)
  • Non – Porous material. No weeds growing thru material
  • White and Black side for installation options
  • Multiple sizes: starting at 20’ long – going up to 200’ special order - All shippable
  • LBB40, weights 40 lbs with 3/8” rebar weights installed
  • Installation instructions, DVD Ropes, rebar end caps and Caution Buoy included
  • Life Expectancy: 5 - 7 years
  • Made in USA
  • 430 sq ft. LBB40 with cost of Rebar purchased locally and Shipping : $249.95 + $30.00 + $15.00 = Total $294.95 each
  • Buy now!

Competitor 2

$119 square foot
  • Assembly required
  • Weighting is included
  • First of the "Picture frame designs"
  • Poly mesh Fabric – allows weeds to grow thru the mesh
  • Still needs gas release ports in fabric
  • Expensive to ship
  • No size options – and heavy
  • 1 size 16' x 16' and  256 Sq ft. Weight 70 lbs
  • Life Expectancy: Many Seasons
  • Cost with shipping
    $259.99 + $46.00 = $305.99

Competitor 3

$154 square foot
  • No Assembly required
  • Weighting is included
  • Transverse Weighting system (Infringing on our Patented)
  • Poly Mesh material collects sediment and weeds can grow right thru it
  • Can't ship larger size (12' 6" x 20' 4" & 90 lbs)
  • Very heavy duty materials, Difficult to install
  • Only ships Smaller size: 7' 6" x 20' 4" 152 sq feet 55 lbs.
  • Life Expectancy 7-10 years
  • Made in : ?
  • Cost with Shipping
    $189.00 + $45.00 = $234.00

Lake Bottom Blanket:

Our approach is different: We know that every property owner has different needs and wants so with LBB you have options. Sizes that fit your needs and weighting systems that are personalize to your project.

Best Method:We recommend that you buy our standard 40' LBB. You then purchase the required rebar weights locally and save real money. (Cost is usually under $30.00) Proceeding this way the cost breaks down as follows:

10 3/4 ‘ X 40' ($249.95) + shipping ($14.) + locally procured 3/8" rebar ($30.) = $293.95 for 430 sq feet That’s only $0.68 / sq foot and weighs 41Lbs with 3/8" rebar weights installed. Here is what that number means, if you purchased the same size blanket from the lowest cost competitor it would cost you $150.00 morethan the Lake Bottom Blanket. Over 50% savings to the lowest cost competitor.

It is supplied with everything one would need to deploy including handles, deployment lines, and caution buoy.

The rebar can be purchased any building or masonry supply store? Do a quick search on the web in your area and you will find them. I’m not talking about the Home Depots and Lowes of the world, not to say they will not have it, but you will make out better at a local supply store. Cost vary, I have found here in NJ that one can get 20’ lengths of 3/8" rebar for around $4.00 and they will cut it for $1.00 each. So on average the cost is about $2.50 per 10 foot long piece of 3/8" rebar; a 40’ long Blanket takes 9 lengths of rebar for a total cost of $22.50 plus sales tax.

Weight Blanket Option: We do offer the option of purchasing the LBB with weights installed and packaged for easy assembly there is a high cost penalty, but still less expensive then our competitors. (Its price works out to be about $1.03 / sq foot)

OPTIONS: You also have options with the Lake Bottom Blanket, because you can choose your weights depending on your application. You can have rebar installed in the end tubes for extra weight in active water situations. You can also fill the weight tubes with sand, which allows for use in areas that need flexibility (i.e. irrigation ditches). You can have the blanket installed white side up so it can be seen or black side up so that it is not readily visible.