Fanwort Invasive Lake Weed and how to control it.

fanfort invasive weeds

How to control Fanwort

Like all invasive non-native submersed weeds, there are several methods to control them.

  • Hand pulling, Harvesting and raking are all about the same, they have their place in controlling these weeds but can cause more problem if not done correctly. This is another plant that will propagate quickly thru fragmentation.
  • Dyes and or benthic mating are effective ways of control, for small ponds or to take care of small swimming areas or docks.
  • Chemicals can be used but is not recommended, due to increasing biomass on lake bottom and large scale cost

How Fanwort Grows and Spreads

Fanwort is an herbaceous perennial that spreads primarily by stem fragments or rhizomes. The erect shoots are upturned extensions of horizontal rhizomes. The species forms large clones as new rhizomes and floating shoots arise as axillary branches. The rhizomes are fragile and easily broken, facilitating vegetative spread and transport to new water bodies. The plants flower from May to September in the southeastern U.S., fanwort is self-pollinating and seeds readily germinate. Seeds collected from New Jersey failed to germinate, and no seedlings have been observed in the field; therefore, reproduction by seed in New Jersey is of little or no importance. ( from