Installation Videos of Lake Bottom Blanket.

Additional Installation Videos

Part 2: Unpack your Lake Bottom Blanket

This video shows you the correct way to assemble a Lake Bottom Blanket. Lake Bottom Blankets are the safest way to kill and control aquatic weed and enjoy more time swimming and less time with disgusting weeds that tickle and tangle your legs and make your waterfront look and smell undesirable.

Part 3: This video shows the correct way to install a Lake Bottom Blanket

Using a boat or just wading into the water is important, so we hope to make it easier by giving you a step by step video that shows you how to do it yourself.

Part 4: Here we show you how to remove your blanket several different ways.

Your blanket can be used for many years, but is starts with using and maintaining it correctly.

Part 5: This shows you how to clean and store a Blanket at the end of the season

We recommend removing every blanket after you have finished with your weed control project and store it until the next year where you can re- install.