Swimming In Early May? by Paul Grosjean

Posted on 01-05-2012

Swimming In Early May?

The warm winter and spring has done at least one thing, moved the date for a nice swim up to the middle of May...Water temps seem pretty high in this area, and even up north in NY state where today I installed two blankets on a beautiful lake by walking them in (No boat available) cool but once you are in not bad The kids are already diving in to keep cool but they are finding that the warm weather has brought quick weed growth... I think we are going to have in the north east one of the worst years for aquatic weed issues.

Why Organic Lake Weed Control Measures Like the Lake Bottom Blanket is The Best Form of Weed Control

I hope everyone who reads my posts understand that I would rather sell NO Lake bottom blankets, because someone found the ultimate solution to our aquatic weed problems! To this point in time we are only able to work on the symptoms of the ailment, not the fundamentals. Chemicals have a long list of things that shouldn't be done in the water when used and no one really knows what are the long term effects of their use. Harvesting and cutting by any means only makes the problem worse. And generally the use of harvesters and chemicals are not something the average person can employ. But anyone can hand pull the weeds or can cut the weeds with a tool or can kill the weeds for the entire summer with a Lake Bottom Blanket, 1/2 hour of work for a summer of NO Weeds, You Decide.

Enjoy the water, it's warm and soon will be filled with weeds.