Spring - Clear water - and NYSFOLA by Paul Grosjean

Posted on 01-05-2013

Spring - Clear water - and NYSFOLA

It also means that the NYSFOLA conference is right around the corner. This conference takes place in Hamilton NY, and it brings together all the bright minds in the field of lake management. Lake association managers, government officials and lake front property owners can come to this event and learn what makes a good lake function. Water quality experts, lake biologists, and businesses that make products specifically for lakes and ponds come here to show their wares. They run classes all day to inform anyone who will listen, about the issues that are affecting our lakes and ponds.

We have been to this show for the last 3 years

And we have found that we come away with not only knowledge but new friends every year. So, if you're interested in learning about your lake and how to make your summer better. Come up and see us.. May 3-5th 2013 http://nysfola.mylaketown.com/home

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